It is now clear that even just participating (training, giving a lecture demo etc) at an Unsanctioned Event is sufficient to get riders, trainers, judges and horses banned for 6 months from FEI competitions.

What is an Unsanctioned Event?

An Unsanctioned Event is a horse competition organised in an FEI discipline that is neither published in the official Calendar nor authorised by a National Federation.

What does participate in an Unsanctioned Event mean?

Participating is very broad and covers competing, judging, officiating, giving a lecture demonstration, possibly even teaching/training others.

How can I be sure I am not going to be banned inadvertently?

The only guaranteed way with respect to international events is to email the FEI Legal Department for clearance before giving any lecture, demonstration, training or competing at any show or event that is not in the FEI calendar (if it’s in the FEI calendar, it is sanctioned).  For national and local events, you should contact your National Federation if you have a concern about any specific event.

What does “authorised by a National Federation” mean

The National Federation would have to object to the Unsanctioned Event prior to the event and communicate this through whatever channels the National Federation typically uses to communicate with riders.

Does this apply to non-FEI registered horses?

If a rider competes a non-FEI registered horse at an Unsanctioned Event, that rider will be banned from competing in a sanctioned Event for 6 months (but there is no consequence for the Horse.)

If a rider is banned from one FEI discipline are the banned from all FEI disciplines?

Yes.  It is a ban from all FEI Events.