Why join the IDRC?

Quite simply, if you want to decide on how your sport is run, you need to be a member.
Only Members can vote (using the Poll menu on the IDRC web site) on the key issues that face dressage riders today. The IDRC holds a yearly General Assembly and riders meetings at various venues through the year.

Who can join?

  • Full Members – anyone that has competed at a CDI or CPEDI
  • Young Member – anyone that has competed at a CDIY/J/P
  • Associate Member – National Riders, Owners and Supporters.

Members, Young Members and Associate Members enjoy the same information and voting rights but only full Members can change the IDRC Statutes.  The yearly memberships subscription is €100 for full Members, €50 for Young Members and €50 for Associate Members plus 5% administration fee.  For 2012, you may also elect to pay €0 if you prefer.

How to join

Existing Members:

If you are already a member and just wish to pay your subscription please login using your current Username and Password on the left hand side then click here:

Pay Now

If you cannot remember your Username (normally your first name and last name such as John Smith) or Password please click here where you will be able to request a new one: Request New Password.

New Members

If you are not already a member and would like to join you will need to register and pay by clicking here:

Register and Pay now

“Terms of Membership”

By applying to become a member of the IDRC (in any capacity) I agree that I shall be bound by the IDRC Statutes. My membership begins when the first fee is paid into the IDRC account. The fee is perpetual and can be cancelled by a written declaration to the IDRC with a six month notice at the end of a calendar year. I agree to pay an IDRC membership fee of €100 per year for Members, €50 per Young Members and €50 for Associate Members (reviewable annually) plus 5% administration fee.