How to keep a single guinea pig happy?

Normally, people love to have pets as their best companion and show love to them, each person would have different choice of pets. Some people would tend to show eager in having kittens, puppies, rabbits, parrots and many more. All these choices are purely based on the people’s interest and their need some would be comfortable to have playful pets were some would love to hold little creatures as their pet.

When it comes to little creature pets most of the people prefer to have guinea pigs as their pet it is mainly because guinea pigs are easy to take care and maintenance also less. Apart from maintenance guinea pigs are a better choice for people to have warm feelings of love and affection, moreover they don’t need much attention from people in frequent basis. Although people prefer to have guinea pigs in real facts people face some difficulties in growing guinea pigs that makes their pet unhappy. The first thing in the pet grow is to keep your pets happy and healthy so it is necessary to keep your guinea pigs are happy and healthy by spending more time with them.

Tips to make single guinea pigs happy:

Tips to make single guinea pigs happy:

Whenever people decide to have guinea pigs as their pet, it is necessary to check their comfortness and health because only these two decides their happiness. In general, guinea pigs are small creatures that love to be accompanied always and whenever people buy guinea pigs they are advised to buy as pair. But in certain cases you can buy only single guinea pig, due to unavailability and it arise a big problem how to keep a single guinea pig stay happy. It is because the guinea pigs are similar to humans when people left alone for quite a long time,  then they get depressed or change in behaviour in a similar way when guinea pigs are single it makes them depressed and unhappy. In order to avoid all such happenings and make your guinea pigs stay happy here are some tips listed below.

  • Provide proper shelter and comfortable cage
  • Show high attention to the pet
  • Keep the pet playful either personally or with toys
  • Make a habit of keeping cage clean and big

When people follow all above tips they can keep their single guinea pigs happy and healthy, this also makes the guinea pig maintenance easy and simple. However if you hold big spacious, comfortable and clean cage it has to be filled with essential things such as food & water holder. Along with these things it is also necessary to place guinea pig toys inside the cage to make the pets to have happy play and also pamper them as if they are accompanied with a company.

Which Guinea Pig Toys are best for single guinea pigs?

Which Guinea Pig Toys are best for single guinea pigs?

When you decide to buy toys for your guinea pigs pets then it is necessary to know some facts what your pet love to play. In general, guinea pigs are small intelligent, active and human interactive creatures they love to play in

  • Tunnels
  • Grass or hey chew balls
  • Paper bags
  • Chew sticks
  • Box accessories
  • Stuffed tubes

The list keeps on continues in common guinea pigs loves to run lot so it is necessary to choose running toys that remains to be best guinea pig toys especially for single stay guinea pigs. When you purchase toys like tunnels and tube stuff it can be used both inside and even in home garden too. Once the people clear with what toys to purchase then they would confuse where to buy there are several live shops available in local markets but it is better to purchase toys for your pets online. It is because in online sites people would have different varieties of toys were you can able to choose desired and affordable one. When it comes to online purchase there are numerous sites available it is also necessary to choose the best site in online to get the best toys for your single guinea pig pet.

If you are more interested, you can also make handmade or DIY toys like cardboard box, crumpled paper, tunnels, pipe tubes and etc., on own and make your pet play with that, even this would make the pets happy as you show more attention to them.