How Many Mealworms to Feed a Baby Leopard Gecko?

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Gecko is kept as a pet in several countries, and they are loved by many people as well. These are categorized under the species of lizard that can live long if taken care of carefully. Leopard gecko is the most common species of geckos along with cre4sted geckos. Tokay geckos are most rarely pet gecko species.

There is a maximum of 2,000 species of gecko present on the Earth, and they all hatch eggs of a size of 4 inches long. The female geckos grow up to 8 inches whereas the male ones grow till 10 inches.

Baby geckos are sold by the breeders and sellers due to the fact that the owners can get emotionally attached to them sooner. They also get a chance to witness them growing. The baby geckos do not completely grow their skeletal system, and the immune system hence needs more care. This is the reason why they are more prone to getting certain diseases.

What do the baby leopard geckos eat?

How Many Mealworms to Feed a Baby Leopard Gecko?

The leopard geckos generally eat mealworms, also commonly called as crickets. They are carnivore’s reptiles, and the best food for leopard gecko is tiny insects or reptiles. They do not engulf any green leafy vegetables or but fruits sometimes. The provided carnivore meal should not be larger than that of the gecko’s own head; otherwise, he will not be able to engulf that as well. The food of the baby leopard gecko and the adult gecko varies a lot as the little ones do not have a broad neck and throat to intake heavy insects such as super worms and wax worms etc.

They require calcium, vitamins, and a mineral-rich diet, and the meals that are offered to the geckos should be coated with enough calcium powder because they lack proper skeleton and bone development. Vitamin D3 is the most required vitamin in a gecko’s body.

What type of pan should be used to provide them food?

The geckos should be provided with meals or foods in a shallow pan so that they can conveniently climb to that for fulfilling their need for food. But if your baby gecko is too small that it cannot even climb, then feeding it through your hand is preferred. After the age of one to two years, they will be able to eat on their own. Extra food should not be offered to baby geckos to prevent overeating.

How often do they drink water?

How often do they drink water? 

Clean water should be regularly provided to baby geckos to prevent them from the problem of dehydration. It should also be offered in a shallow dish for their ease in drinking the water. The dish or pan will also provide aid in offering humidity in the room after the gecko has drunk the water from it.

Do baby leopard geckos eat fruits?

They eat certain foods like Repashy Superfoods for compensating their need for insects. Water is equally mixed in this food for engulfing at ease. Provide them this diet at least thrice a week. Fruits like mango or banana and insects such as crickets or mealworms should be provided to them for a minimum of two times per week. Baby fruit can also be the best food for leopard gecko and can replace the fruits sometimes.

What do the baby geckos require for the development of their bodies?

How Many Mealworms to Feed a Baby Leopard Gecko?

The baby geckos need sufficient heat and warmth to develop their proper body parts. The heat can be offered to them with the assistance of placing a heat bulb over their tank or by placing heating under the mat. Hot pebbles are not at all suggested to put because they can be extremely hot and cause them burning bruises.

The appropriate temperature for baby leopard geckos:

The most appropriate tanks for baby leopard geckos are the ones with a warm tank end and a cool tank end. The temperature requirement for their body highly depends on the kind of species. They can easily reside in a temperature ranging from 90 degrees Fahrenheit to 70 degrees Fahrenheit. And as compared to the leopard geckos, crested geckos live in cooler temperatures.

The need to supervise the temperature of the tank should be the daily routine. The heat they need is strongly contingent upon the prevailing season or room.

They need humidity:

How Many Mealworms to Feed a Baby Leopard Gecko?

Now let us talk about the need for a humid climate for baby leopard geckos. It is measured with the help of an instrument called a hygrometer, and hence humidity should be 70% with respect to the air quantity present in the room. The routine spraying of mists or water might help you with keeping the moisture in the room of the gecko.

Geckos are mostly nocturnal and stay active at nighttime. Hence, they lack the benefits of Sunlight in their bodies. Therefore, it is advised to place them in Sun for preventing the risk of occurrence of some diseases such as bone or skeletal-related. If it is not possible to expose them to Sunlight, then switch on a UV bulb above them for compensating this.

Making paper bedding is the very preferred one for the leopard geckos. The bedding should be changed at alternative days because they fill up with food particles and feces very promptly.


The best time to feed a baby leopard gecko can be anytime in the day. along with the food mentioned above, the baby leopard gecko should also be provided enough amount of sunlight for increasing the capacity of Vitamin D3 and calcium in their body. It is suggested to the owners to; cautiously look after their pet, and they should not be offered toxic food that contains harmful chemical substances. The soft wooden bedding placed under the baby geckos should be free from any chemicals lie phenol and sulfates. The ultraviolet bulb and warm under a mat are a must for keeping them warm and humid. The temperature should be checked every day before placing them in their room or tank as well.

How to Keep a Single Guinea Pig Happy?

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How to keep a single guinea pig happy?

Normally, people love to have pets as their best companion and show love to them, each person would have different choice of pets. Some people would tend to show eager in having kittens, puppies, rabbits, parrots and many more. All these choices are purely based on the people’s interest and their need some would be comfortable to have playful pets were some would love to hold little creatures as their pet.

When it comes to little creature pets most of the people prefer to have guinea pigs as their pet it is mainly because guinea pigs are easy to take care and maintenance also less. Apart from maintenance guinea pigs are a better choice for people to have warm feelings of love and affection, moreover they don’t need much attention from people in frequent basis. Although people prefer to have guinea pigs in real facts people face some difficulties in growing guinea pigs that makes their pet unhappy. The first thing in the pet grow is to keep your pets happy and healthy so it is necessary to keep your guinea pigs are happy and healthy by spending more time with them.

Tips to make single guinea pigs happy:

Tips to make single guinea pigs happy:

Whenever people decide to have guinea pigs as their pet, it is necessary to check their comfortness and health because only these two decides their happiness. In general, guinea pigs are small creatures that love to be accompanied always and whenever people buy guinea pigs they are advised to buy as pair. But in certain cases you can buy only single guinea pig, due to unavailability and it arise a big problem how to keep a single guinea pig stay happy. It is because the guinea pigs are similar to humans when people left alone for quite a long time,  then they get depressed or change in behaviour in a similar way when guinea pigs are single it makes them depressed and unhappy. In order to avoid all such happenings and make your guinea pigs stay happy here are some tips listed below.

  • Provide proper shelter and comfortable cage
  • Show high attention to the pet
  • Keep the pet playful either personally or with toys
  • Make a habit of keeping cage clean and big

When people follow all above tips they can keep their single guinea pigs happy and healthy, this also makes the guinea pig maintenance easy and simple. However if you hold big spacious, comfortable and clean cage it has to be filled with essential things such as food & water holder. Along with these things it is also necessary to place guinea pig toys inside the cage to make the pets to have happy play and also pamper them as if they are accompanied with a company.

Which Guinea Pig Toys are best for single guinea pigs?

Which Guinea Pig Toys are best for single guinea pigs?

When you decide to buy toys for your guinea pigs pets then it is necessary to know some facts what your pet love to play. In general, guinea pigs are small intelligent, active and human interactive creatures they love to play in

  • Tunnels
  • Grass or hey chew balls
  • Paper bags
  • Chew sticks
  • Box accessories
  • Stuffed tubes

The list keeps on continues in common guinea pigs loves to run lot so it is necessary to choose running toys that remains to be best guinea pig toys especially for single stay guinea pigs. When you purchase toys like tunnels and tube stuff it can be used both inside and even in home garden too. Once the people clear with what toys to purchase then they would confuse where to buy there are several live shops available in local markets but it is better to purchase toys for your pets online. It is because in online sites people would have different varieties of toys were you can able to choose desired and affordable one. When it comes to online purchase there are numerous sites available it is also necessary to choose the best site in online to get the best toys for your single guinea pig pet.

If you are more interested, you can also make handmade or DIY toys like cardboard box, crumpled paper, tunnels, pipe tubes and etc., on own and make your pet play with that, even this would make the pets happy as you show more attention to them.

GDF 2014 Special invite to IDRC members

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Dear IDRC member

Blue Hors Stud – in cooperation with Academy Bartels and the Global Dressage Foundation – is honored to host the Global Dressage Forum for the first time outside Holland and would like to invite you to attend the forum from 20-21 October 2014 in Randbøl, Denmark.

The existing format of the Global Dressage Forum will remain the same, only the venue has changed. We are working on a sensational and truly inspirational program. We will look back on the World Equestrian Games, enjoy the best of our sports and provide you with the latest hot topics in dressage.

IDRC and Blue Hors is proud to offer IDRC members a personal ticket for a special price. Please buy your personal, member-only ticket (only one ticket per member) until the 31 August at You can also purchase regular tickets for any additional non-member attendees.

Please see for more information, to buy additional tickets and to book your hotel room. The nearest airport is Billund, just 15 minutes away from the Blue Hors stud and with direct connections to many major airports.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Denmark in October!

Med venlig hilsen – Kind Regards – Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Blue Hors ApS

Unsanctioned Events FAQs

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It is now clear that even just participating (training, giving a lecture demo etc) at an Unsanctioned Event is sufficient to get riders, trainers, judges and horses banned for 6 months from FEI competitions.

What is an Unsanctioned Event?

An Unsanctioned Event is a horse competition organised in an FEI discipline that is neither published in the official Calendar nor authorised by a National Federation.

What does participate in an Unsanctioned Event mean?

Participating is very broad and covers competing, judging, officiating, giving a lecture demonstration, possibly even teaching/training others.

How can I be sure I am not going to be banned inadvertently?

The only guaranteed way with respect to international events is to email the FEI Legal Department for clearance before giving any lecture, demonstration, training or competing at any show or event that is not in the FEI calendar (if it’s in the FEI calendar, it is sanctioned).  For national and local events, you should contact your National Federation if you have a concern about any specific event.

What does “authorised by a National Federation” mean

The National Federation would have to object to the Unsanctioned Event prior to the event and communicate this through whatever channels the National Federation typically uses to communicate with riders.

Does this apply to non-FEI registered horses?

If a rider competes a non-FEI registered horse at an Unsanctioned Event, that rider will be banned from competing in a sanctioned Event for 6 months (but there is no consequence for the Horse.)

If a rider is banned from one FEI discipline are the banned from all FEI disciplines?

Yes.  It is a ban from all FEI Events.